Healing Women through conversation and relaxing treatments.

Do you see yourself as “beautiful”?

If this question makes you giggle uncomfortably, sigh in exasperation, or look down shyly at your hands, you are not alone.

But what if the answer to this question was a resounding “Yes!”? What if you could make peace with your inner critic, with your own insecurities, with all the traumas and challenges that life has put in your path? What if you could truly grasp that your life’s journey manifests itself in endless ways and so often is reflected back at you in the mirror? What if you could see yourself as beautiful?

Welcome to New Look New Life.

New Look New Life is a retreat centre that merges personal consultation and advanced skin care techniques to bring about inner transformation.

Owner Julie Atkinson is a registered nurse with extensive experience as a clinical specialist in medical skin treatments, and reconstructive and plastic surgery. She invites clients to explore the origins of their skin concerns and helps to transform their perceptions of themselves and their skin. New Look New Life sources the most effective skin care, offers dedicated treatments and refers clients to the most reputable resources when necessary.

New Look New Life is more than a spa that offers relaxing facials.
New Look New Life is more than a medical skin care clinic that offers quick fixes.

New Look New Life awakens your beauty from the inside out.

Open the door to your transformation. Contact us to book your first appointment.